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Yale High Capacity Forklift Trucks

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Reliable solution to take on heavy duty, demanding outdoor industrial applications

The GP190-280DF is designed for heavy-duty operating conditions in produce, paper, forest products, metals and concrete.

  • Efficient performance
  • Operator comfort
  • Maximum productivity
  • Service and dependability

Efficient performance

In heavy duty applications, you need a lift truck with the power to get through the toughest challenges while avoiding high running costs.

  • Cummins turbo diesel engine pairs with ZF WG 161 transmission, optimized for maximum performance and fuel economy
  • The Tier 4 Final after-treatment package offers cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), a Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) for NOx reduction, a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for Particulate Matter (PM) removal, and a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dosing module
  • ECO Modes control maximum engine RPM and throttle response for balance of performance and fuel savings
  • On-demand hydraulic system can result in 10% lower fuel consumption - $2,250 per year at $2.50/gal
  • Empty seat engine shutdown turns off the truck when the operator is out of the seat for a selectable 3-15 minute window, limiting idle hours on the truck
  • On-demand cooling uses viscous drive cooling fan that draws power only when cooling is required - unlike a direct drive fan

Operator comfort

The GP-DF series is designed to keep operators comfortable and focused, for lasting productivity.

  • Low step heights for easy entry and exit
  • Low noise thanks to vibration dampeners for the powertrain
  • High, open carriage and mast sections offer unobstructed view of fork tips
  • Optional foot directional control pedal for quicker, smoother control of travel direction
  • Optional Accutouch mini-lever e-hydraulic controls accompany the adjustable armrest for low-effort, fingertip control of hydraulic functions and horn

Maximum productivity

The GP-DF series delivers the performance you need to meet the highest performance benchmarks in tough duty cycles.

  • Automatic throttle up provides automatic response to lift inputs from the operator when the lift lever is activated, with a controlled rev-up to keep the engine in the most efficient operating range
  • Maximum travel speed of 18 mph, with load present
  • Fast lifting speeds of 79 ft/min, with or without load present
  • Lowering speeds of 98 ft / min with load present

Service and dependability

The GP-DF series offers the build quality, smart features and serviceability to keep performing, shift after shift.

  • Sideways tilting cab offers unobstructed access to the engine and key components
  • CAN bus connections help to reduce fault identification time
  • Longer service intervals increase uptime and reduce service costs. LSH oil change is up to 6,000 hours, transmission oil change interval is 2,000 hours.
  • Sturdy mast design with less deflection than comparable overhead tilt products
  • Engine protection system monitors coolant, air intake temperatures and oil pressure
  • Transmission system monitors pressure, temperature and forward/reverse lockout during changes in direction
  • Efficient hydraulic system does not require engine speeds to run as high to extend component life
  • Quad-cooler radiator design channels only cool air, not preheated air, across cores
Sale Type
models and specifications
Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Overall Width Weight Engine Type Transmission
GP210DF 21000lbs 24 216 154.6 97 28478 Cummims QSB 4.5L Diesel ZF WG161
GP250DF 25000lbs 24 275 161.9 97 31621 Cummims QSB 4.5L Diesel ZF WG161
GP190DF 19000lbs 24 216 154.6 97 28167 Cummims QSB 4.5L Diesel ZF WG161
GP230DF 23000lbs 24 275 161.9 97 31770 Cummims QSB 4.5L Diesel ZF WG161
GP230SDF 23000lbs 24 275 154.6 97 30767 Cummims QSB 4.5L Diesel ZF WG161
GP280DF 28000lbs 24 275 161.9 97 33534 Cummims QSB 4.5L Diesel ZF WG161
industry sectors

- Lumber
- Concrete
- Steel, Aluminum & Metals
- Mining, Energy & Construction

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