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Yale Compact Internal Combustion Trucks

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Handle tight spaces with strong maneuverability

Designed for medium to heavy duty applications, the GC040-070VX Veracitor® brings EPA emissions-certified ICE power to health and pharmaceutical, furniture and furnishings, 3PL, general warehousing and distribution in applications like loading and unloading trailers, transporting loads and cross-docking.

  • Customizable for the application
  • Productivity
  • Continuous Stability System
  • Simple serviceability
  • Attachment options

Customizable for the application

Each truck in the Veracitor series is customizable with packages for specific customer needs, from medium- to heavy-duty applications.

Engine options:

  • PSI 2.4L LPG/Dual Fuel
  • Kubota 2.5L LPG
  • Yale® Flex Performance Technology™ allows operators to boost fuel economy or turn up performance to maximize productivity during peaks

Transmission options:

  • Standard Electronic Powershift transmission - smooth electronic inching, electronic shift control and heavy duty clutch packs
  • Techtronix 100 transmission (optional) - all features of the standard transmission, plus controlled power reverse, controlled rollback and Auto Deceleration System to help reduce wear on transmission, brakes and tires

Hydraulics options:

  • Cowl mounted mechanical levers - easy reach ergonomic design, excellent right-side access
  • Accutouch mini-lever electro-hydraulics (optional) - fingertip activation, best-in-class comfort


Did you know 54% of companies list meeting customer demands for faster response times as one of their top five challenges?

The Veracitor series is designed to move materials more efficiently, helping save time and boost productivity. In fact, the GC-VX shaves seconds off each cycle and delivers up to 45% more power, allowing your operators to move up to 10,000 more loads per truck, per year.

Continuous Stability System

The Continuous Stability System (CSS) reduces truck lean in turns for improved lateral stability and uses an innovative steer axle mounting design for superior travel over uneven surfaces.

  • Maintenance-free design with no electronic or hydraulic components to service or replace
  • Simple and effective mechanical system with only two wearable parts

Simple serviceability

Ownership costs account for the majority of lift truck costs, including periodic maintenance, repairs and fuel costs. To help save time and money, Yale engineered the GC-VX series with a focus on:

  • Reduced fuel consumption - The GC-VX series consumes up to 26% less fuel per truck than the leading competitor, reducing costs and boosting efficiency and sustainability initiatives
  • Lowered scheduled lifetime maintenance costs - The GC-VX series requires less maintenance and technician labor per truck, saving up to $10,753 on periodic maintenance over 10,000 hours of operation.

Attachment options

The Yale Veracitor series offers a variety of attachment packages to provide the right tool to drive lasting productivity in your operation.

  • Integral side-shifting fork positioner to handle a variety of pallet widths, avoiding the need to make frequent stops and reposition forks by hand
  • Paper application kit reduces the accumulation of paper debris in the engine compartment, and includes vented hood, high-temperature hydraulic oil, exhaust wraps and optional radiator lint screen
Sale Type
models and specifications
Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Overall Width Weight Engine Type Transmission
GC055VX 5500lbs 24 276 81.3 43.6 9113 PSI 2.4L LPG Electronic Powershift 1-speed / Techtronix 100-speed
GC070VX 7000lbs 24 276 81.3 45.6 10535 PSI 2.4L LPG Electronic Powershift 1-speed / Techtronix 100-speed
GC040VX 4000lbs 24 276 81.3 42 7803 PSI 2.4L LPG Electronic Powershift 1-speed / Techtronix 100-speed
GC050VX 5000lbs 24 276 81.3 42 8587 PSI 2.4L LPG Electronic Powershift 1-speed / Techtronix 100-speed
GC060VX 6000lbs 24 276 81.3 43.6 9768 PSI 2.4L LPG Electronic Powershift 1-speed / Techtronix 100-speed
industry sectors

- Agriculture
- Transporters and Freight Forwarders
- Warehouse & 3PL
- Building Materials
- Steel, Aluminum & Metals
- Auto Parts Distribution
- Furniture & Furnishings
- Health & Pharma

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